Monday, November 7, 2011

D-12 Fall Regional

A few weeks back our chapter, the San Joaquin chapter of LPA, hosted the fall regional. We had a fabulous turnout with over 200 in attendance. Fun was had by all. My mother-in-law helped out. My sister popped in for a visit. Ashleigh got her hair curled before the banquet. We finally got to sit and chat with the Mallinson's. Caits is an absolute doll! Aidan was a goofball as always. My mother-in-law got the chance to hold little Madilynn.

The cutest girls around!

My sister and Aidan

Cherylle, Jaime and myself

Even though he says he's not a baby, he'll always be my little baby!


  1. we had a great time! now we have to get together so we can just talk LOL!


  2. I love all the pictures. I've been so bad with blog commenting and I'm mad at myself. I love cathcing up with everyone. So first let me say the school pictures this year are gorgeous. You must lock Ash away from all the boys that will be knocking down your door. Aidan steals my heart and his goofiness is just adorable. That pumpkin patch looks awesome for the hay pyramid alone! So cool. Glad you guys had fun at the regional. I know you guys were super excited about it. I wish sometimes we could hop a private plane and come to the west coast functions.

  3. Awesome! Looks like it was great time! We're in the process of planning our chapter's regional for next fall, so we may need to solicit you and Jaime for advice!

  4. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Nikki looked at the pictures of Aidan and asked, 'Where's his toy car?'. ;P

  5. Precious Pictures! I love the one of Aidan and Caits .... I can see Aidan's excitement oozing out! Fun Regional ~ Ours was canceled this fall :o(