Monday, August 1, 2011

Girl Scout overnight camping trip

A week ago, my girl had her first real over night camping trip with her girl scout troop. Last camping experience was in her troop leaders back yard. This time it was at a camp ground. She had a blast! Here she is with her BFF.


Along with the fun camping activities were their job assignments. You can’t see it too well here but Ash had lunch clean up and dishes! Now, just wish she was that good at lunch clean up and dishes at home!!!


A group shot of the girls, a couple moms, and the troop leader just prior to leaving.


En route to the camp sight.


Below is a picture of the girls at the camp sight acting goofy! The picture was text to me from one of the mom’s that went camping.


I thought I was going to add on her bridging ceremony to Juniors but it got postponed a couple of weeks so stay tuned.


  1. Hey Melisa! First let me say....AWESOME pics! I enjoyed catching up with you guys and reading the different posts! I loved seeing all the pics from Anaheim. It looks like you guys were able to do a lot even though you said you couldn't do it all! So cool you saw the Roloffs. When we found out about Lyla we started watching the show and became big fans! It was also so nice to see your family with other POLP that I know as well through blogger. With that being is AIdan feeling since his surgery? He looks like he is feeling great especially with that ice cream! Lol and how exciting for Ashleigh to spend time with her friends overnight! Looks like she had fun. Looks like your girl is growing up! So much good stuff going on with you guys! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. How exciting! Did she love the camping experience? Girl Scouts seems wonderful, so many fun activities!

  3. I forgot to add this to the blog and yes, Ashleigh loved the camping experience!

  4. How fun! I'm glad she had a great time. They seem to all love doing chores when they are outside of the home. It seems she really have found a good troop and I hope she sticks with the scouting!

  5. What a fun trip, and how wonderful that she has her best friend in the same troop! I'm glad she loved the camping experience!