Monday, August 1, 2011

2nd T&A….Yes adenoids grow back!

Also, a few weeks after the National Conference, Aidan found his way back to the ENT for a pre-op visit.

A smiling picture of my lil dude waiting to be examined.


Aidan’s is one of the select few to have had the joys of growing his adenoids back. He had a T & A 2.5  years ago. In that surgery they removed his adenoids and sized down his tonsils. After having his last MRI we noticed his adenoids had returned.  With that and some obstructive apnea over this last winter we decided to schedule him for another T & A….this time to remove his tonsils completely.  His tonsils were never really that large but he felt it was probably better to just remove them. I felt so bad that we had to put him through the torture of a second T & A but it was for the better.

A picture of Aidan all loopy just before going in for surgery.


And a picture of Aidan and his daddy post op. You’d think Todd had a sedative!


About 5 days post op enjoying a ice cream.


Hope this clears up the breathing and no more surgeries!


  1. Bummer that Aidan had to go through a second surgery, but the benefits of clear, easy breathing are priceless! Looks like he did great, I hope the recovery is still going smoothly!

  2. Aidan is back to his usual goofy and crazy self!

  3. Sucks that he had to go through it again because the recovery is pretty rough. And the breath! LOL. However you cannot even damper the cuteness in all these pictures. I'm so happy he is back to his happy spunky self.

  4. That stinks that he had to have the surgery twice, but it looks like he did great! I love seeing pictures of your smiley, goofy boy! :)